Very Large Green Triangles - Music Video intrigued with the ESP concept of the new record worked without consulting the band, counting on psychic cues to guide us. Psychic cues, 70s progressive rock album covers, and 80's alternate reality science fiction inspired our thinking. We sought to create a beautiful, trippy, fun, energetic and slightly spooky rethinking of the song. The video is a full arc from everyday details to larger and larger scales of Very Large Green Triangulation. Featured on The Atlantic Magazine's website, a Vimeo Staff Pick, and with 189k views on YouTube the video has been well received. Check out the press collection on our Pinterest Page.
design, live action production, direction, stock sourcing, editorial, animation
Ultimate Care II Excerpt 9 - Music Video
Alternately pastoral and high tech, the third video for Matmos’s album “Ultimate Care II” is titled “Ultimate Care II Excerpt 9.” In keeping with the domestic origins of the album, which is built entirely out of the sounds of the washing machine in Matmos’ basement, the newest video for the album is a homegrown, family affair. The video was co-directed by Ed Apodaca and Lisa Berghout, a husband-and-wife team who run design. The result is a tightly rhythmic sequence of images that contrast the clean with the dirty, the macro with the micro. In its most intimate setting, we telescope into a hairy grey jungle of lint seen in extreme close up. In its widest view, skyscrapers are made to throb and twist to the clamorous industrial rhythms, while a huge “agitator” from a washing machine seems to rotate entire freeway systems and suburbs. Working together design fashioned a detailed, delirious, and vibrant audio-visual ode to an everyday household chore. 
design, stock sourcing, editorial, direction, animation, production
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