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Contact us to produce an entire video or design and animate a little piece. We like it all. Even static presentations. Really.
Conceptual Treatments, Script Development, Design, Live Action Production, Casting, Direction, Illustration, Editing, Animation, 3d, VO Casting, Music Direction, Keynote Presentations, Print

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About us
L.inc Design partners Lisa Berghout as Creative Director /Producer and Ed Apodaca as Technical Director/Animator. Partners in work and in life we've been doing this thing called design and video production since the late 90's. We love it and we love all the crazy talented people we've worked with and continue to work with as staff and freelancers. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area we went remote before Covid made it standard. Our partners live all over the world.
L.inc has earned fifteen Broadcast Design Association (www.bda.tv) International Awards, two Type Directors Club Awards, four Creativity International Awards, and nine Telly Awards. 
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